Apple Juice

We pick carefully, so should you!

All our apples that we press for our range of juices are hand picked, hand washed and sometimes pared to ensure that everything that is pressed is good enough to eat. The juice is bottled and pasteurised within 24 hours of pressing to maintain all the characteristics of the apple variety in the bottle. We tend to make mostly single variety juices enabling you to explore the flavours of apples much like fine wines. We start with a sweet apple like Egremont Russet and end with a deliciously crisp apple juice like Browns apple, a breakfast favourite at Bridge Farm. Alongside the apple juice we press a delicious Pear juice and a Cox and Rhubarb juice.

Apple juice

Our apple and Pear juice is available in 750ml bottles. These include Egremont Russet, Cox, Jonagold, Braeburn, Lord Lamborne, Cox and Bramley, and Browns apple. We also bottle apple juice and pear in 250ml bottles. All our juices are available by the bottle from our farm shop or by the case of 12 in 750ml bottles and cases of 24in the 250ml bottles to the trade.